Imidacloprid 1G Nur and GH

Product: Imidacloprid 1G Nur and GH

Manufacturer: Quali-Pro

Active Ingredient(s): Imidacloprid

Chemical Subgroup: 4A Neonicotinoids

EPA Reg Number: 66222-201

Formulation: granule

Approved for use on: Ornamentals

Treats: Aphids Fungus Gnats Leafminers Mealybugs Scale Insects Thrips Whiteflies

% Active: 1

Signal Word: caution

REI(hrs): 12

Restricted Use Pesticide: No

Compatibility with Biological Control: Not compatible

Notes: For thrips, use as suppression only. For fungus gnats, will control larvae in and on the soil only. For scale insects, controls soft scales and suppresses armored scale (adults and crawlers).