Product: Hachi-Hachi

Manufacturer: SePro

Active Ingredient(s): Tolfenpyrad

Chemical Subgroup: 21A METI acaricides and insecticides

EPA Reg Number: 71711-31-67690

Formulation: 1.25 lb active ingredient per gallon, liquid

Approved for use on: Ornamentals

Treats: Aphids Mealybugs Scale Insects Thrips Whiteflies

% Active: 15

Signal Word: warning

REI(hrs): 12

Restricted Use Pesticide: No

Compatibility with Biological Control: No information

Notes: For whiteflies, use for suppression only. Check label for species that may display phytotoxicity. Do not apply to salvia, impatiens, gypsophila or New Guinea impatiens. All species and varieties have not been tested with this compound. Test on a small subset of plants and wait several days before spraying the entire greenhouse to check for phytotoxicity.