Enstar AQ

Product: Enstar AQ

Manufacturer: Wellmark

Active Ingredient(s): S-Kinoprene

Chemical Subgroup: 7A Juvenile hormone analogues

EPA Reg Number: 2724-793

Formulation: 0.195 lb active ingredient per gallon, liquid

Approved for use on: Ornamentals

Treats: Aphids Fungus Gnats Leafminers Mealybugs Scale Insects Thrips Whiteflies

% Active: 18.4

Signal Word: caution

REI(hrs): 4

Restricted Use Pesticide: No

Compatibility with Biological Control: Moderately compatible

Notes: All species and varieties have not been tested with this compound. Test on a small subset of plants and wait several days before spraying the entire greenhouse to check for phytotoxicity.