Dibrom 8 Emulsive

Product: Dibrom 8 Emulsive

Manufacturer: AmVac

Active Ingredient(s): Naled

Chemical Subgroup: 1B Organophosphates

EPA Reg Number: 5481-479

Formulation: 7.5 lb active ingredient per gallon, liquid

Approved for use on: Ornamentals

Treats: Aphids Leafminers Mealybugs Spider Mites Whiteflies

% Active: 62

Signal Word: danger

REI(hrs): 48

Restricted Use Pesticide: Yes

Compatibility with Biological Control: Not compatible

Notes: For whiteflies, will control free ranging adults only. A number of species and cultivars can be damaged by DiBrom vapor. This compound is very toxic to applicators and workers. For whiteflies, controls adults only.