This guide was created by faculty at Michigan State University and is intended as a reference only and is offered 'as is'. It is intended for commercial greenhouse growers who are primarily raising ornamentals or vegetable transplants. Growers growing vegetables to maturity in the greenhouse should consult the MSUE Bulletin E-312 "2013 Insect, Disease and Nematode Control for Commercial Vegetables" at bookstore.msue.msu.edu.

Use of products listed in this guide does not guarantee that the product will provide adequate control of the disease listed on the label. For more information on how well disease products worked in research trials, contact a greenhouse extension agent in your area.

ALWAYS check the label for updated information. ALWAYS check the label for specific instructions and restrictions for using a particular product. Carefully read all parts of the label to find any information about potential chemical phytotoxicity (burn). Labels change often. Some chemicals listed here may be dropped by the manufacturer or the distributor sometime after this was published. All chemicals listed here were currently registered for use in Michigan as of June 2014. If you have questions about the legality and/or the registration status of pesticides, contact your county Extension office, pesticide dealer, or manufacturer.

Do NOT apply chemical to plants that are stressed (by high temperature, high humidity or water stress) because this increases the possibility of phytotoxicity.

ALWAYS treat a small portion of plants of each variety with any new chemical or combination of chemicals and check them for damage 7 days later before treating the whole crop. Chemicals that may not cause phytotoxicity when applied by themselves may cause damage when mixed together. More than 90% of the labels checked in the production of this application contained some form of this disclaimer.

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