OHP 6672 WP, 4.5F

Product: OHP 6672 WP, 4.5F

Chemical Group(s): thiophanate-methyl

FRAC Code: 1

Use on Vegetables: No

REI(hrs): 12

Treats: Cylindrocladium Root/Stem Disease, Fusarium Root Disease, Rhizoctonia Root Disease, Sclerotinia Stem Disease, Thielaviopsis Root Disease, Fungal Leaf Spots, Flower Spots, Blights, Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, Rust 

Notes: Use of a wetting agent is recommended for plants that have hydrophobic leaves.  May be applied as a foliar application, soil drench, or dip.  Not for use on Swedish ivy, Boston fern, or Easter cactus.